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Fährmann 6.0: Dealt with everything he needed to in his brief time on the field.

Aarons 6.0: Good to see him back and looking sharp. Didn't seem troubled in defence, but wasn't able to threaten in attack either.

Amadou 6.0: Maybe a little unlucky with the penalty but when you dive in like that and don't get the ball, you're taking a chance, and the punishment for getting it wrong is much higher when you're playing at centre back. After that, he grew into the game with some tidy defensive work.

Godfrey 6.5: Looked the most comfortable of our defenders as usual. Some important clearances and good work on the ball, and at times in the second half his driving runs threatened to be our best opportunity.

Lewis 6.5: Had a little bit more to do than Aarons but handled it well. Got forward into good positions but aside from the teasing cross late in the first half, he didn't always make the most of it.

Leitner 6.0: Wasn't as effective with his passing as he was against Burnley, but kept things ticking over. 

McLean 6.0: He isn't a natural destroyer in midfield, but put his foot in when needed and didn't allow Palace's midfield much space.

Buendia 6.0: Looked the brightest of the attacking midfield three with some quick feet, but ultimately couldn't help find the breakthrough.

Stiepermann 5.0: Not a great day at the office. Worked hard and saw a lot of the ball but was very wasteful with it.

Cantwell 5.5: Not his best game either. Got into some good positions, especially the chance in the first half which was blocked, but wasn't able to make a huge impact going forward.

Pukki 6.0: Worked hard but was often forced into wide areas by an organised defence. Made a good job of the only half chance he had but ended up playing provider rather than finisher for the most part.


McGovern 6.0: Didn't have much to do but did what he had to with minimum fuss. We know he isn't as good with his feet as we'd like from a keeper, but even his long kicking was iffy. 

Drmic 5.5: Had a longer shift than usual today but didn't take his chance. Always seemed in the periphery of play rather than being too involved in it.

Roberts N/A

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Didn’t see the game Wacky, so can’t comment on these in any detail. Seem probably about right given the result though and from what I have heard/seen/read on here etc. 

How would you rate the Palace players? Would be good to see a comparison. Were they a point better than us across the board, or was it just one or two players scoring 8/9 that made the difference? 

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I cannot agree that Amadou was unlucky with the penalty.  He made a wild lunge,  and that is inexcusable IMO in the penalty area.

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