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A message to the Board re Huckerby

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The NCFC Board must feel the frustration ofthe fans even if they do not feel it themselves. This has been a defining moment which could have nudged us to what we crave: Prem football.

You should tell us what you offered Huckerby and what he wanted. The speculation should stop- I have no idea whether you really tried hard enough- I think you did because West Brom could not match the NCFC offer. But how big was the gap between us and Huckerby. Was he just playing the game for his own benefit, his public statements at odds with the reality of the negotiations? Was Huckerby making the fan-friendly statements but his agent speaking the truth (the agent at least has been consistent in saying that Huck would stay at Man City)?

When statements are made such as the one made by Huckerby yesterday I get very suspicious. It sounded defensive. It was a fisrt shot because he did not want to be seen by the supporters that he was greedy. Or maybe he was right. Maybe we didn''t try hard enough.

Either way, the failure to land him might just make the difference between promotion and prolonged oblivion. We have all invested our hard earned money in this club now and over the years. I think we deserve to know the full truth. Delia has embraced a far more open culture than before, lets see the proof.

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