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Couldn't resist quoting the full, rather bizarre, translation of the article (from VG)
CAPTAIN: Alexander Tettey bore the captaincy for Norwich in the 3-2 win over Manchester City.

CAPTAIN: Alexander Tettey bore the captaincy for Norwich in the 3-2 win over Manchester City. Photo: Joe Giddens / PA Wire


NORWICH (VG) Three days after one of the most surprising results in recent Premier League history, there is little evidence that Alexander Tettey, 33, has helped create a football sensation.

Updated September 17
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The Norwegian midfield veteran, wearing gray and black jogging suits, quietly enters the cafe "No 33" in the middle of Norwich and sits down at a table in a corner with VG. He orders pancakes - without syrup - and sits completely in peace.

- It's calm. There happen to be fans and throws over you, but I like it best when it's here, grins the moody 33-year-old, who, after being free all Monday and noon Tuesday, gets ready for workout in the afternoon.

He is excited about how his German manager Daniel Farke will sum up Saturday's startling 3-2 win over Manchester City . "World class" is a word that will be repeated, says Tettey, who is far more measured in describing the drama that took all England on the bed this weekend.


- I was a little shocked. But it's gone now. Far far away. It goes quickly when you have been around for so long. There's nothing like that for so long, Tettey says.

BREAKFAST WITH VG: After a lazy Tuesday morning, Alexander Tettey ate a late breakfast at a cafe in downtown Norwich.

BREAKFAST WITH VG: After a lazy Tuesday morning, Alexander Tettey ate a late breakfast at a cafe in downtown Norwich. Photo: Arilas Berg Ould-Saada / VG

- Absolutely crazy

He grins when VG shows him the comparison of the starting lineup prices for the two teams: his Norwich, which lacked a number of key players, cost the club £ 6.45m - Manchester City had to pay £ 406.1m for their eleven.


Two of the Norwich players who started are raised in the academy. Two were picked up for free. One is on loan. In fact, with a £ 1.5 million price tag from the Rennes transition in 2012, Tettey was the team's most expensive player along with Emiliano Buendía and Marco Stiepermann.

- All of their players individually cost more than our entire team. That's how the club wants it, and it seems like it works. You will always find good players that don't cost money, which can be developed. It's crazy. It's totally crazy. But that's the way to do it, Tettey says of the comparison that has caught the attention and been widely shared on social media.

So much cost the teams


- Nobody had faith in us. Even the players said, "Huff, today we have to be on top just to make a draw, or to avoid being humiliated." And then we lead a period 3–1. Mot City. It's not a bad team they played with ... and we had ten players out. I have no words, says the Norwegian, clearly proud of his team.

He was one of several who was thrown into the elf because of the many absences. Tettey, one of the father figures in the Norwich squad, had not started a fight since May 5 and lost the entire season run due to a muscle injury.

Fearless style

But Tettey passed the test with good looks, center in the middle of a Norwich team that has marked itself as a fearless and offensive team that likes to have the ball in the team - rarely last among newly promoted Premier League teams, which usually focus on physics, good defensive play and fast counterattacks in the face of the top teams.


"The boss would rather we lose while playing" our "type of football than we would win with another type of football," explains Tettey, who has repeatedly played ball in the hat with the Manchester City stars in sequences such as Norwich is clearly proud of on social media:

The Norwich style has resulted in a 4-1 loss to Liverpool, a respectable 2-3 loss to Chelsea - and now a victory over Manchester City itself and Pep Guardiola, one of Tettey's manager Daniel Farke's role models.

But the Norwegian is very concerned about not making a big number out of the victory over City. That he was a captain doesn't make it extraordinary either, he says.

- I don't want to talk about the City match like I won the World Cup. For people, it seems that I have won the World Cup gold. I haven't won the World Cup gold! It was a regular fight. We played against a good, good team that we managed to beat. "That's it!" , For me. I realize that people are a bit hysterical, but I'm not a hero, says Alexander Tettey.

Sports news: Tetteys Norwich with shock owner against Manchester City
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