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Board lacks ambition

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I''m about fed up with the level of fans our board is bringing in.

Some are barely able to string a couple of sentences together while a number think it''s good enough to simply regurgitate some old made up tosh they''ve read in one on the tabloids.

And what was all that snow stuff floating around at the Burnley game then Mr Doncaster ?

Most of it was blowing through that hole between the Barclay and the South Stand

Where was your much vaunted undersoil heating and new pitch as well ?

The game was turned into a farce by seeing one of the country''s leading strikers (Akinbiyi) constantly falling over.

And if Ashton does leave it will be entirely the fault of the board. If they had not brought him here in the first place then he wouldn''t be able to be leaving.

I suggest wet rid of the board, and the chairman, and replace them with someone who knows what he is doing. Someone who has been to a public school and is not afraid to wear rouge in public

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