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First Wizard

Life goes on!.

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Alright so I''m gutted!, But life will, and must go on. Hucks aint comming OK.

Now for once I aint taking sides in this, there''s so many versions as to the truth anyway, that to form an opinion would I believe be quite rash.

I still believe City are a couple of class players short, to stay top, but that all might change, giving the way things have happened these past couple of months.

So lets just remain positive, the wizard has not mellowed, far from it, but as I write, we''re top, we have just beat the scummers on their own patch, Worthy''''s going for it, as the board seems to be doing, so lets give it say 4 or 5 games and see what happen''s before we start moaning.

Merry Christmas everyone

PS. XXXXXXXXXXXXX thats for Diane with lots of Yuletide hugs, please don''t get down D, life does go on.

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