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The Musings of Mr. Worthington

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If "The Collective Wisdom of Nigel Worthington" is ever published, I expect only short queues to form outside Jarrolds but, in the meantime, I find some of his post-match remarks deeply worrying.  His comments reported in the EDP on the Preston and West Ham games almost beggar belief.   In the first we were soundly beaten by a superior team in a manner that can hardly be explained by ''tiredness'' and, in the second, produced a performance of such negativity as I have rarely seen in 60 years of supporting the Club.  All of this suggests a man who is so secure in his position he feels able to say whatever he pleases, irrespective of the truth of the situation  -  and certainly the opinion of others.

I have no faith in this man and I fear he is doing long-term damage to the Club.

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