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First Impressions

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I was thinking about the importance of first impressions today. My first impressions of many of Worthington''s signings over the past 18 months have been quite negative. Naturally, I hope that they prove me wrong. This got me thinking about players in the past that have exceeded my expectations based upon first impressions. This lead on to thinking about those players that looked good initially but proved otherwise. Which players have you changed your minds about? Here are some of mine to get us started:

Iwan - Never rated him much when he was at Wolves. Didn''t believe the toe injury story that we were given during his first season.

Malky - Looked slow and clumsy when he was first signed. Gave away a lot of unnecessary free kicks.

Dalglish  -  Had pace and some dribbling ability. Looked like a decent acquisition.

Nielsen  -  Looked fantastic during his loan spell.

Libbra  -  Looked like he was going to add a bit of French flair to the team.

Which players in the current squad do you think might exceed or fall below your expectations? Doherty is looking the best bet for me although he still has a way to go. Admittedly he looks good against big, strong championship strikers but I do worry when he tries to defend against those with more pace or skill.

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Etuhu looks like is is the opposite of francis - Francis had the odd bad game, Etuhu has the odd good one. He at least may have potential, but looks seriously unmotivated and lazy. As for whether worthy can get it out of him??

JJ will be an average championship player.

Robinson will be an average championship player.

MLJ id not great defensively according to Forest fans

Andy Hughes was a target of the boo boys at reading............

Doherty I think would be giving away free kicks all the time in the premiership. Great at this level however

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