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Crazy Eddie

Why we must do all we can to keep Ashton

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If we acheive promotion back to the prem via the play-offs (cue

doomongers jumping down my throat about how that''ll never happen and

we''ll be in this league for another 9 years) and we don''t have Ashton

we won''t stay there and we''ll have to go through all this again. The

most sought after players and therefore the hardest to come by are

goalscorers and once we splashed out on one last season we gave

ourselves a shot of staying up. If we''d have had him from the start of

the season I reckon we''d have managed it. Looks at Sunderland now.

promotion without Ashton and we''ll be no better off. I''d much rather

(and I know it''s no certaintly we''ll go up but lets at least get to the

end of the season) arrive in the prem again with the hardest area to

fill - the front line - sorted and be able to throw whatever cash we

have at the other end of the pitch - that horribly leaky defense.

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