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Norfolk  Dan

need to rant.. hmm feel better now...

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Hi All... 1st of all i''m a reader and not a big poster on this site but it comes a time when my anger at many things to do with my football club come to a head.

The thing that gives me the most pain at present are the players that are picked on some mystery system in Worthys head. I''m fed up with our youth players not getting a chance. Brining back Jarrett and putting him straight in when is so so clear he does not want to be at the club. You have a young midfielder who you play at right back. He has showed when we played luton for the short time Rossi played in midfield that he can cut it, and from watching him yesterday you could see he is a midfielder not a right back.

We keep investing in players for 0.5m here and there and when we must be investing larger sums in our youth system over a year and we get to see nothing for it. We know who these kids are, just not sure Worthy gives a sh!t about them. I feel so sorry for these kids that set sights on being a professional football for a local team they love and what happens.. the boss preferes to buy in "proven 2nd rate players". I would much rather unproven youth given a chance and just given that chance to shine. You then can spend the cash on keeping your best players at the club. Look at West Ham, they dropped out of the Prem and switched to Youth. You watched them yesterday, it was great to watch.

Ahh spending  cash... If we do get a offer that is too good the refuse.. please give Worthy 0.5m to spend and keep the rest in the bank.. He can not be trusted to spend it IMO.    

Another thing... why oh why are we so bad a throwing a ball onto a pitch? And with that set peices in general. Something must be done to sort this, cause we are rubbish. Just look out for it next game you go to and see how many times we have a throw in and we retain the ball after 2 passes.. Short corners also do my head in. Why Hucks thinks that any free kick from out wide should be his to take from outwide is beyond me. He hits the 1st man more than he clears him. So if this is that case what do you do?... you put a man infront on the defender to flick it on! I have yet to see that.

hmm.. need to get this all out of my system.. what next....

Tactics.. yesterday was a shining example of how we can not change taatics to influence a change to the match result, or Worthy whole management style summed up. You have teams that are cup teams. We are not a cup team. Why? Cause we can not play 90 minutes of football. Since our Promotion to the Prem and following relegation I have watched all of the home matches and only the other week verus Burnley we came close to 90minutes of football. oh.. I started to talk about tactics.. We had nothing yesterday up front.. why with 15 minutes to go we did not switch to 3 at the back and go for it.. it''s a cup game.. we went for it with 120 seconds left.... great....

 Rant over cause my Sunday lunch is ready! Please feel free to rip me to bits.. oh yes one other thing as reader and not a poster... Ronbold Ronbold so good they named him twice has to be the most annoying signature on this board.. Nothing personal mate!!

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a few points;

1) the reason rossi was played at right back was because both of our right backs were injured.

2) there is no evidence whatsoever that jarrett doesn''t want to be at the club. this is a myth with no substantiation.

3) how can you say on the basis of a subs'' appearance against luton that rossi ''can cut it''. ludicrous.

4) why are you posting about norwich never playing youth players the

day after we give a debut to two youth players and a first start to


5) what are you going on with this idea that worthy cannot spend money

properly? he has only spent remotely big on three occasions. one was

ashton. one was doherty. arguably our two best players this season

after safri. the third was jonson, who opinions are divided on, but

most people think we should have kept, and on whom we nevertheless got

our money back.

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Sorry mate but Jarrett was quoted when he was at Plmouth that "I don''t want to go back to Norwich as i am unhappy there sitting on the bench".

This was from the local paper when it looked like he was going to be recalled.

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As I said in this post after the West Ham game I''m more of a reader than a poster, but reading a lot of what has been going on recently on these boards and the chat at the ground.. too much of this is all so true...

Added to this I have been told (please don''t ask who from, cause that has to be one of the most annoying repetative posts on this board) that Mr. W has yet to travel to a youth team game. Not sure what to read into that, I could go off on many a tangent, but however poor our youth players are, I would love to see them given a go, It might give us something to cheer about, willing someone on who has promise and passion. Just I feel Mr. W has personalitly issues. He can man manage his own i.e. players who are 2nd rate. OK he won a 1st division titl with Leeds.. But Clarence Seedorf has won 3 champions league medals and I have watched Jan Molby in a Norwich shirt play better than him!

This is turning into a new rant. All I want to see is a game of football and at the weekend we got played off the park. We have gone full circle, Mr W has had his time, he can do no more. If anyone still thinks he can turn this around then go to the bookies cause they will be happy to take your money! And it''s not often a bookie is wrong. Oh we were favourites to go up.. who''s proved them wrong oh.. Mr W IMO.

Bored now.. Please Mr W... walk away and give us someone who can give us a game of passing football..

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