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The Great Drinkell

It's all thanks to Santa

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On Saturday I sat with my 8 year old daughter on the bus going into the City, I asked the normal what do you want most for Xmas question and she asked me for mine. I thought long and hard then said I wanted 12 points from the Christmas games.She questioned me further then asked me to explain more. This I did saying how happy it makes Daddy and her brother when Norwich win and it would make it an extra special Christmas.

 At 9 O''clock the mince pies and carrots went out for our expected guest ( he of Liverpool colours!) and my daughter produced a lovely letter explaining how she wanted 12 points cause it makes daddy happy. This was left with the pies.

 The rest they say is history, no need to worry as santa#s got it all under control.

 I also mentioned Deano''s commitment.? She didn''t mention this on the note grrrrrrrrrrrrr

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