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admitidly i was only listening on the radio today but Drury sounded as

if he played brilliant he seemed to be eveywere the ball was from

setting up goals to last ditch tackles.It would appear the confidence

has spread right through the side.McVeigh has been nothing short of

brilliant the last few games also dureing games i havnt realy noticed

Robinson(yes i have been to all home games ) but i feel he must be

doing a very good holding role infront of the defence cus we just look

so more solid there as a unit aswell.Hucks returning to form Deano

scoreing from anywere,Safri being his normall self.Could we realy close

the gap to a faultering Sheffield United ???...If not first winners of

the play-offs at the new wembley sounds great .:).But before i get too

carried away we do have the problem of the transfer window.I would love

Deano to stay but i dont think its very likely but there is no way i

would let him go for under £10 million and hopefully that price would

scare other clubs off if not at least it would give us money to replace

him with someone like Trundle and strengthen the squad in general be it

with a RIGHT MIDFIELDER for a start

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