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If you could take any one previous Norwich player...

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20 hours ago, TeemuVanBasten said:

Good player and the required work ethic for Farke, but not quite a good enough team player and would sometimes keep the ball too long as a result? Guess we'll never know whether Farke could have coached that out of him.

Its going to have to be a young Darren Kenton for me, travesty that he didn't go further in the game and looked two levels above us before going backwards at Southampton. Would love to see how far he could have gone with this current coaching team considering what they've done to our current crop. 

Plus we could do with a centre back at the minute but most of our legendary ones are in the old fashioned Grant Hanley mould! 

A bit tongue in cheek my post, but he was a decent player.

In terms of strengthening the current team I probably go with Phelan. Or Bellamy playing somewhere around Pukki.

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