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First Wizard

Come On Leicester Part II!.

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Okay, I let a few newbies rattle me, but for City''s sake I must recast my spellcast and set the cosmic wheels back in motion again for tomorrows game, and to hell with the fallout!.

Come On Leicester, you can easily beat a poorly led side like Norwich, hell, even one of our strikers is injured. I would prefer a 3-nil drubbing myself. Eveyones know a team dressed in blue is far superior to one clad in sickly yellow vomit colour anyday.

Oh, I know that looney Rudolph thingy will kick off about this, but who cares about him anyway?.

When you think our main director is a cook for Gods sake, doesn''t that say everything about Naaarrrrrrrrich City FC.

So come on you Fosse.

Don''t let me down.

So mote it be.

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You have ''jumped the gun'' my friend.

The Wizarding Council have just declared that you may keep the opposition support going out of pure self interest. That is to say you hope the opposition win to lift the curse you set upon yourself.

All this anti-Norwich stuff is wholly unnecessary.

Why not lie down for a spell.

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