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I don''t post here that often. I lve in Asia and I think it best to leave most of the posts to those who have more regular contacts with what''s going on.

But maybe being on the periphery gives me an intersting perspective,

First it''s amazing how the mood of the board has changed - but on the other hand not surprising as things seem to have turned a corner.

My bottom line is that nothing gets solved in the short-term. I think the board deserve an enourmous vote of congratulations for doing what they think is right (supporting the management team).

Second, the mnagement team clearly got it wrong on a number of occatsions (substitutions, tactics etc.)

Third: no team or business gets it right all the time, but what leads to success is the belief that as a unit u WILL get it right. You might try things that don''t work, but it''s the understanding that as a team you belive that basically you''e doing the right thing. I know this as I have run businesses that have been through lean times and prosperous.

You can say that football is based on results, but my view is that this is a medium to long-term strategy, not an instant fix.

Let''s not forget the uncertainty that was created by being relegated. All of the players and management team must have looked at themselves and thought ''am I good enough?'' It''s damn hard for the human soul to accept failure and then to turn it around.

It''s too early to say whether we''ve got it right, but what is deserved is a bloody big cheer of congratulations to management, players and supporters for giving us something to celebrate recently. Teamwork. Sticking together. The biggest gates in the division.

Those that post in an anti-stance and then change to a tepid pro stance in a matter of weeks should be ignored, including their so-called courageousness for accepting that things are better. Wizard seems like a prize jerk to me. He pontificates about how everything is wrong and then says he''s ''big'' enough to aceept that he is wrong (or maybe wrong, according to the caveats of his last post).

Constructive criticism is fine base on what you see  (I don''t see many games), but looking to create a name for yourself by ''taking a stance'' that is more based on ''look at me'' than on what''s right in the long-term is - quite frankly - bullshit.

I was as pissed off as anyone else about our first-half-of-season results, but nothing gets solved by self-centeredness.

Lets not make hero''s of those who want to make a name for themselves. Lets makes hero''s of those who do everything they can to get us back where we belong.


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tro be honest kevin most of the posteres on here who wanted or still want worthy out were saying it based on what they considered bad decision making by the management team. In reality it has taken our manager 23 games to ''get it right''. 

I still have my reservations about worthy and do not think he is a premiership level manager. but to be honest we are not a premiership side.

I still beleive that worthy has fluked onto a good system due to injuries- and McVeigh whom he wouild haver been happy to see leave has made a huge difference.

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If you are THE Kevin Keelan then best respects and I hope you are well.

I am sorry you chose to make such harsh comments about posters such as Wizard. Anyone who puts their views on here feels they have something to tell the rest of us as do the professional journalists on the main site. Are we all not attention seekers?

The passion of football supporters is fickle. The same thing applies in other  walks of life, it is part of the fabric of a community and needs to be kept in perspective.

Things would be dull, dull, dull if we just relied on the managed media coming out of Carrow Road or just purchased our opinions at the newsagents. I thoroughly enjoy the banter, however ridiculous, on this site and I am happy to take plenty of stick so long as it does not degenerate to ''prize jerk'' type comments because these refer to the individual and not their message board persona which are two entirely different things.

Message boards allow people from all walks of life, many of whom who cannot for sound reasons have a bit of football banter in the general manner of things because of constraints otherwise placed upon them, to get things off their chest and express themselves through that media.

We are not one dimensional. I have my football mates at home games and that is all they are, I couldn''t care less about what they do the rest of the time, it is just something we have in common.

In the spirit of the above Kevin I respect your views and would have endorsed them until you made comments about people on this message board which I do not agree with. Some will agree with you and disagree with me. And you know what? They are free to say so.

Happy New Year.

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sorry kev - human emotion is good and bad and to think that people will always be  constructive in their criticism is  naive. to simply have a go a certain posters for their negative behaviour shows you have your own rejection issues.In truth, its not been the season we wanted and a run of poor performances and results has brought the doubts of  many fans about worthy to the fore and many wanted to to go and start afresh.however, with city climbing the table and winning 4 on the bounce, its clear that the play offs are a realistic aim, if we acheive promotion form for the rest of the season.Many worthy outers have turned into worthy doubters on the back of citys latest form, and have suspened their agitation simply because they want to see city win and do well - everybody is a fan after all.if worthy gets us up, one and all will be crowded outside city hall cheering him - that''s life.

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