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A Load of Squit

Drmic Music Vid!

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It has been shot in Croatia (our favorite holiday destination in the past 20 years or so). Try  it there.

This video might get Drmic into trouble in his native Switzerland. As I read, at the age of 16 he had problems passing the naturalisation exam. Although he grew up and was schooled in the village of Freienbach, near Zurich, and spoke perfect Swiss German, first time he failed because he could not list enough Swiss lakes and cantons, the second time because the Freienbach village commision found him to be "too Zurich-oriented".  Finally, he got help from a lawyer, who pointed it out that refusal on such grounds in a completely Zurich-oriented commuter   community was untenable, and Drmic passed his exam at the third attempt.   I believe if the Swiss authorities find out that he spends his hols in Croatia they'll revoke his passport. 

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