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The Voice of the Thorpe Area

Norwich-Burnley; the verdict

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Green 6- Had no chance with any of the goals.
Drury 6- Avergae game, could be out for West Ham game
Doherty and Fleming 10- Considering that neither had any protection from midfield, both done very well. Could well have been more without both giving a very good perfomance.
Colin 4- Below average again, most Preston chances created down the Preston left hand side.
Ethutu 3- Thankfully not quite signed for us yet. For the majority of the game believed that he was still a Preston player.
Simple Simon Charlton 3- A very good assit for the 3rd goal. Made up for his surprisingly good recent form by having a shocker.
Robinson 4- Yet another worthington stroke of genius, can''t get into the worst squad in the Premiership, so we sign him. Another poor game.
Huckerby 5- The odd moment of hope came through Darren, but he refuses to get stuck in, thus the crowd do get on his back alot.
McVeigh 4- Slipping back into his old way of no effort and poor passing. Will be forgiven due to his recent good form.
Ashton 6- Won most challenges in the air, but a lack of support from this meant that won headers went to no-one. Today''s team performance maybe encourging him to move.
Worthy 4- Can''t take all the blame today, due to a lack of team effort and commitment. Tactical decisions, as always, are questionable.
Referee -7, failed to spot a number of fouls, gave a very soft penalty and overall, could be described a t**t with no knowledge of his job or the game of football. A complete s**t.

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