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Etuhu - PNE fan perspective

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from a preston fan

Etuhu - PNE fan perspective

One word - ''Sorry''. Maybe this is something Etuhu will one day return to the fans of PNE and to Adam Nowland.

Some may remember an old card game called ''old maid'' and as a young child my face would sink when I drew this card out of the pack and my Nan could tell straight away that I had landed the duff one and I am sure many Norwich fans feel this right now with Dickson Ethuhu.

I will try and put an honest opinion on Dickson Etuhu, despite the fact that we are seething regarding this player, after he broke a true Preston players leg in two places at least, with a tackle that we have never witnessed from him in over three years that he spent with is, in fact many of us are stuggling to recall any form of tackle that he did put in.

I was one of the people who tried to defend Dickson Etuhu because I heard this guy, in a personal interview, state that he was truly suffering from confidence issues and sought help in this matter and I always gave him time, because why kick a man down when he is already down? However any true Preston fan will tell you that we can count on one hand the amount of good performances he gave, from well over 3 years at Deepdale. When he first joined the club many compared the lad to Patrick Vieira because he had that kind of stature and when he turned up he could run the midfield single-handedly, although he turned up less than an Ipswich Town clean sheet.

I have since come to the conclusion that what we may have in Dickson Ethuhu is a sulker, who doesn''t appear to want to work and this is why our management have sensibly released him because if you don''t work hard for Preston North End and Billy Davies, then you have no place in the team.

If your management are to get anything out of this man, then they will have achieved something great.

Something worth considering is that Etuhu walked out on Man City at the age of 19, to join ourselves, was it down to ambition or money - well all I will say is that Kevin Keegan was very very disappointed in the player and felt let down from a player who had come through the junior ranks at Man City and someone Keegan had alot of belief in.

Good luck.


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