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Balham Yellow

Total Shambles - Surely you didn't think things had changed?

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Putting aside yesterday''s emabarassing "performance" I can''t believe anyone suddenly thought that NW was the man for the future just because we had won a few games.  We were rubbish at Leicester, dominated for long periods in Sheffield, average against Burnley.

We are going to have a very miserable January.  NW has been in charge for five years and we find ourselves in a position where we don''t have a midfield.  The central midfielder that we bought in the summer is so bad we''ve off-loaded him already.  We have just signed another waste of space for £450K.  In comparison to many teams in this league we have had a substantial amount of money to invest in the last 18 months and yet our squad looks threadbare. 

How can anyone reasonably think that Worthington is steering the ship in the right direction - we have lost half the games we have played the season and every time he goes into the market he brings in another average, also-ran ie Brennan, Jarrett, Colin, Hughes, Etuhu......... I know he signed Ashton, but it hardly took a man of genius to see that Ashton would make a good signing did it?

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