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I hope we sign no one in January

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I am coming to the conclusion we just have to write this season off and build for next year. With Deano and Hux we have just about enough quality to finish 10th or 11th. In view of what has happened over the last 18 months I cannot believe that Delia and Co will enter another full season with Worthy. Therefore, I argue that they should allow him NO money to spend this month. They should SAVE the money to allow some flexibility to Worthy''s successor. Worthy should be MADE to play the youngsters and develop them into first team players, perhaps supplement with a loan or two as cover.

Under no circumstances should Worthy throw OUR money away- yes its our money because we generate a fair proportion of it by buying our seats, programmes, pies, drinks, shirts etc. Its a precious commodity and I hate to see it being flushed away to build a second rate badly coached squad.

If Deano leaves we may have to spend some money as it is possible we will not get to 50 points without his hold up play and his ability to stitch the attacking movements (such as they are) together.

Should anyone believe we can aim for the play offs then I would say that with what we now have a one-season stay in the Premiership is virtually guaranteed and we will be back down here in no time. We would be next season''s Sunderland. Worthy can''t learn his Division One/Championship lessons let alone his Premiership ones so as to keep us up even if we had a miracle run. So lets not delude ourselves.

Thus my point: save the money Delia. Develop the youngsters and bring in new management staff in the summer with some funds to rebuild properly.

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