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Rate This Season's Signings Lads

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We are half waythroughthe season so here is my honest asssessment of the latest batch of players at the club:

Jason Jarrett - 4/10 apparantly he is a star at plymouth so he gets more than the 2/10 for his norwich performances

Andy Hughes - 5/10 he works hard but is a below average, what more do i need to say, hes had loads of games to.

Peter Thorne - 5/10 im not sure where i have seen him play most this season Right Midfield or up front

Matheiu Louis Jean - 5/10 unfair to rate lower due to injury, hes good coming forwatrd and dodgy at the back (or so our forest fan friends tell us)

Jurgen Colin - 5/10 started ok (but didnt cross the half way line) now he gets the chance to mark 2 people at once every game

Dean Marney - 7/10 good corners looked like a decent squad player, more of a wing back/defender

Callum Davenport - 7/10 looked good but was at the heart of the defense during a fair few embarrassments

David Wright - 7/10 probably a dependable right back, solid if not spectacular

Dixon Etuhu - 4/10  doesnt look interested or motivated, for a new player that is shocking

Carl Robinson - 7/10  for some reason when he is in the side we do ok - he must be keeping the ball on the floor or doing something right (maybe he is lucky)

And the latest profesional at the club

Rossi Jarvis - um er um ?/10 doomed from the start, ant centre midfielder who couldnt get a game monday shouldnt be at the club

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colin      5         started well, then dropped,crap since

MLj      1         Injury prone, not good enough

wright   5         Playing wise 7, but to sign him when we had 2 right backs and were never going to sign him permanently is ridicioulus

Davenport 6/7   Leaked goals when he played, looked good though but cost alot of monet

Etuhu      0      Crap, not done anything on loan, wasted all the money

Robinson   5      Inconsistent, but very quiet at times

Hughes      6      Works hard, not done much wrong

Lisbie      5         Scored 1, but is a headless chicken

Jarret        2    Worthy loans him out in an injury crisis, says something doesnt it.

Marney      7   Looked solid, probably the best of the bunch

Thorne      3      Pathetic, when he wouldnt give the proven svenson 2 more years.

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JJ              Best performer of the summer signings - just for PAFC!   Out of position and too little time on pitch to assess properly but for actual games 5.

Thorne      Out of position and too little time on pitch to assess properly but based on Luton home game 6+?

Hughes     Poor 5.

Colin        Promising 6 - suffering lack of confidence following dropping.

MLJ         180 mins too few to assess but was average in the two games he did play 5

Marney     Was a central midfielder played on the the right.  Age contributed to hit & miss performances 6

Davenport  Showed us what we were missing - best so far 7

Wright       No better than colin 6

Etuhu       Out of position and too few games so far but 4 on what we have seen so far 

Robinson   Good touch and deceptively influential in games 7 by good use of ball.  Only 29 so please get him on a long term loan for rest of season.

Lisbie       Headless and somehow replaced WLY 4.  Pace and work rate alone are not enough to be a footballer.

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