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Jerome's agent pimping his man to worthy

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Its almost as if he is doing a sales pitch to worthy!! [:D]

Nigel Worthington has become one of the first to confirm they have an interest in Cameron Jerome.

“Cameron Jerome is one that we''ve made an initial inquiry about.  He''s a player that we very much like, but for now that''s as far as it''s gone. He would be a very useful addition to our current squad.”

Other clubs like Charlton, Liverpool, and Sunderland amongst others are also linked to City''s 13 goal striker.

Jerome''s advistor Tony Finnegan told Sky Sports
“Cameron will remain a Cardiff player until the club see fit.  If I did envisage any sort of bid then naturally we would assume that we would be told, but that is not a concern at the moment.

“Cameron is old school — his work ethics are that of somebody twice his age.

“He has a lot to learn, but he knows that and that is why he works so hard and listens to everything that he is told.

“Terry Burton has worked with some of the finest young players in British football and has helped lads like Nigel Reo-Coker get where they are today, so Cameron knows how good a grounding he is getting at the moment.”

How much would these clubs need to bid for Jerome? Well Dave Jones has said no one has bid so far but scoffed at a price of £2m being mentioned

“Would £2 million be enough?” said Jones. “You must be kidding. That''s nothing more than a down payment.

“Every player has his price, but in Cameron''s case it''s not £2 million. That is what I have seen quoted, but you must be kidding if you think we''d sell Cameron for £2 million. We haven''t had any offers at all, but it would have to be in excess of that figure.”


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excellent post mate which sums up the madness of our beloved game. up sell and hope that some desperado manager might just be  tempted enough to take the bait!

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