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silver fox

Forest result

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I suppose after the excellent result at Ipswich it was inevitable that the Forest game could not live up to those expectations. Tonight was one of those games where you do not play particularly well but the result was more important.

Once again we went back to defending far too deep and allowing forest to come at us. I do hope that Worthy brings Shackell in for another game soon as I believe the game against Cardiff is the best I have seen all season. I still think Mackay is one of the main reasons we defend so deep.

I know Worthy is looking to strengthen the squad and an Ian Crook wouldn''t go amiss as Mulryne seems to play further and further back every time I see him and hardly influences any game at the moment.

Having said that it was a very pleasant return trip to Peterborough knowing that we are 3 points clear and still top of the league.

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