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Isn't it time we gave the youngsters a chance

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In the squad there are too many wasters, aging muppets who couldn''t give a dam. why doesn''t worthy get rid of louis jean ( abit harsh), charlton and brennan and maybe thorne and replace them in the squad with some younger players. I went to the youth cup match V chelsea and some of them looked good.

in defence our back up is louis jean, also colin and charlton. These players are below average, (apart from colin). At the game Andrew Cave-Brown came on at half time at right back.(he''s been out injured) and was really impressive. Surely he could do a better job than MLJ or colin. He is a scottish youth international. Also, why does brennan get picked usually ahead of henderson, jimbo has done nothing at the club in 4 years. Thorne or R. Jarvis, it seems that ryan is gettingg pushed out by an unimpressive 32 year old. Michael Spillane was outstanding at centre half in the youth match. He would be a better bet than charlton, he''s very big, great in the air and pacey. The others that impressed me were Joe Lewis a very big highly rated keeper. He will end up crap if we dont put him in the squad and also Chris martin was very good, he''s an attacking midfielder/ forward and was quick, good in the tackle, good on the ball. Certainly better than jarret, Brennan etc. I also believe Rossi J should be given a chance at some point because he has shown more will to win than most although he wasnt that good V chelsea

All these youngsters will leave and make good carrears elsewhere unless we do something now.


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