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Canary Boy

Who are we going to replace Ashton with then?

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It''s alright people shouting 6 million here and 9 million there but who are we going to replace Ashton with? In my opinion, he is, at this point in time worth to us more than the money. If we got 15 million I''d still rather have Ashton, because if he goes, we need someone who can get 25 goals a season.Southampton had the same problem when they were relegated. They sold Crouch, Phillips, Beattie and Camara and suddenly (as H Redknapp so nicely put it) you have got to try and find 70 goals from somewhere..which they have not been able to do.We should keep Ashton and not give in to the cash. He signed a contract recently till 2009 and he should honor that and so shoudl the club. We have obviously turned the corner at last, why sell?

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