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Its going so well at the moment, I wonder whether we actually need Mr Huckerby.

Before anyone responds with incredulity yes I am joking.

Lets hear it for the defence 5 clean sheets from last 6 games is excellent and with Shackell and Brennan in reserve long may it continue. Malky got stick earlier in the season, ok his distribution not always the best but him and Flem are rock steady.

I hope Mulryne has got a slight knock and has not fallen out with Worthy, risky needing to have Clint on the bench. Because a lack of quality cover in midfield might just be a problem.
I''m probably worrying too much but as Rick Waghorn states in his piece, where might it go wrong.

Supported City too long to ever be optimistic.

Remember 1-4 to Bradford City at Carrow Rd in 2001, bring out the video Nige and remind em what might go wrong on Sat Week.

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1 goal conceeded in 7 games is a very impressive record for any side.

Fleming is surely our best player of the season - name the last foul / missed tackle you saw from him, again steady as a rock 2day

Francis played well 2nd half and fought hard for his place in the team at the start - surely another chance instead of 3lungs is due?

Edworthy again solid without being spectacular. He''s now 1 of my favorite players, it''s a shame he doesn''t get recognition more often. He''s very much in the steeno mold

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