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Jerzy Krukowski

Worthington in talks with the devil shocker

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Apparently Worthy''s been getting some tips from the big red one in how

to ruin NCFC, all it''s players and probably goes out at night to pour

creosote on the pitch too. He is deliberately playing people out of

position so as to destroy their confidence, signing academy players and

then not giving them a game even when thet''re much better than everyone

else, and trying to sell Ashton just so he can fritter the money away

on more rubbish....just out of spite. He''s an evil, evil man, so glad

some of you have seen it too. Whoha ha ha ha haha ha ha.

There''s problems at Carra, no-one can deny, but Jeez, some of you need

to listen to yourselves, your witchhunting and bleating is really quite


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