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The Priest

Heartbreaking Times

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Hi everyone, ive been reading this board for some time now and feel that its now time to make a post. I must explain something first though, My parents are scousers but i was born in Norwich. I actually support Liverpool, my father took me to my first game at Anfield when i was 12. Ill probably get huge amounts of abuse for this but i also follow Norwich. I fell in love with the team during the great David v Goliath european run.I mean who wouldnt.Norwich have always played "real" football and are i think admired for this throughout the footballing community,  So these are indeed heartbreaking times for anybody who follows Norwich City

Anyway on to the great debate, Worthington out?

This is my humble opinion based on a squad containing these four players performing as they are


Huckerby is always a player i have admired and actually fancied him at Liverpool.That he came to Norwich meant that i could watch him more regularly and anyone who has seen him "live" will have to admit that the excitement he causes when running at opposition defences causes an adrenaline rush.He really is "that quick" and causes confusion and fear at full pace.(i admit sometimes amongst his own team)


I believe will play for the full england squad at some point.A great traditional centre forward.


In my humble opinion should go to germany, his confidence seems undermined by the ineptitude that surrounds him.But is fundamentally a great keeper though still learning.


We all saw how he performed last season, another great prospect.(okay he hasnt played this season but davenport has covered admirably)

I just cannot understand how a team with these players in is relegation material, assuming they are playing as the manager wants them too. There can only be one conclusion

Worthy out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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