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Fiery Zac

Women’s World Cup

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I believe football is the main girl's sport in the US, or at least one of them. Supposedly their domestic league isn't paticularly strong but they clearly pump a lot of money into the national team setup.

I'd say the main difference is physicality and fitness. They seem to be able to bully most teams.

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I’d say the main difference is they can pass and cross the ball accurately. Soccer isn’t a big sport  here in the US per se, it’s on a par with softball, volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, athletics and basketball, but the huge difference is college  / university level sports is in a different league in US compared to Europe.

All large US universities offer “free” tuition and scholarships for sports which is a four or even five year intensive training and league structure to prepare students to go on to “professional” sports like NFL, MLB, NBA / WNBA, etc etc.

Many of the better European players also take advantage of that as opportunity as well, but if it’s one or two players from your squad v’s all 20 from the US squad then the better technique and fitness and tactical savvy will come out.

It’s not just running more miles and sprints, it’s making accurate passes at the right time, and creating space to pass into, and marking your opponent so not to give her a free header.... oh and score the penalty kick if you get one. 😞 

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