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Anyone been to China?

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Going to China for the first time in the summer.

Got 5 days in Beijing, 4 days in Cheng Du and 11 in Shanghai (Partner's aunt lives there so needs to be the longer stop).

Itinerary so far:

Beijing: Great Wall, Tiannamen Sq, Forbidden Palace

Cheng Du: Pandas, Leshan Giant Buddha

Shanghai: See family, 2 or 3 day trip to Zhangjiajie (mountains that inspired Avatar), Hangzhou/West Lake, Maybe one of the water towns, Shanghai sights like the Bund etc

My question is - what am I missing? Is there something that is a must see? We're not going to make it X'ian or Three Gorges Dam etc this time - Those 3 locations are locked in with flights and accomodation booked, so is there anything not currently on my itinerary that anyone would recommend?

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The closest we'll be to Hong Kong is Shanghai, and that's over 1000 miles away - 3 hour flight time - not really feasible this trip. 

We do plan to go back to see some over stuff that we won't get to this time, and Hong Kong will probably be part of that itinerary. Thanks for suggestion though.

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