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Rudolph Hucker

Players on trial

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It seems as though Saturday is ''make your mind up day'' for supporters in respect of our team.

Performances have been inconsistent and players have had ample opportunity to put things right.

So who are we judging tomorrow, and why. Here are some suggestions:

1). Robinson, looks like Worthy wants him as back up to an absent Safri. Is he a suitable squad player, can he be more than that or is he best returned to sender?

2). Etuhu, can he fill the advanced midfielder role?  He is apparently outstanding on his day but does not appear to have settled in on the pitch yet although he seems to be a popular member of the squad. Should he stay or go?

3). Wright, has been generally praised as being much better than what we have got. Perhaps has the least to prove to City fans with his performances to date. Does he want to come here, if so what do we do about three right backs?

4). Fleming and Doherty. Can they play together?  Who plays on which side? Is this a pairing for the short or longer term?

5). Hughes, is he worth a place in the side, if so is he still suitable to be Captain (I assume Fleming will be) can he fill the notorious right midfiels berth.

There are plenty of other questions to be answered but I have concentrated on a few and primarily on our loan signings although our established players need to prove plenty themselves as does Worthington in his team selection, tactics and motivation.

We are playing a top side tomorrow. It is judgement day, no excuses.

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firstly, some interesting points there....


1) i would sign robinson, he sounds impressive, and will add to the numbers of the squad and will also keep the current midfielders on their toes

2) I would sign Etuhu, seems to be the main (and really only) attacking central midfielder we have at this club

3) I would also sign Wright, this guy is impressive, knows this division inside out and is really good going foward with a good cross and lots of pace. Only thing is age thou......

4) The reason Doherty was so rubbish at the club was because he was being played on the wrong side, if flemming comes in and then pushes doherty across, then no it wont work, for me its shacks and doherty all the way.

5) Im quite a fan of hughes, he gets stuck in and is a good leader, i''d like to see more of him on the right wing, like when he scored, great finish (not sure if it was a cross or shot thou [;)]


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1) How much for?  I would like him at the club (At least he would be better than captain clapper in midfield)

2) How much for? (He has yet to have a good game for city initially he was a good signing in my eyes but he has shown nothing so far, considering we could have got Koumas on loan at the start of the season it makes it look like a bit of a joke)

3) How much for? I would like him at the club (maybe ship out Louis Jean as he is old)

4) Lets see which side he is played tomorrow - i dont think he is a premiership quality - remember he cost 1 million!!

5) 100%er I will give you that

My only worry is that even signing these 3 players does not solve the lack of creativity in the side.  Also they aint made much difference to recent results and performances

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interesting post rude old.

robbo slagged apart from coventry - but played most of last season in

champ winning sunderland squad, so can''t be that bad. needs more time


dicko - by all accounts jarrett has been doing extra training at

plymouth and is playing excellent box to box stuff - we should have him

back when saf goes anc in jan and send dicko to plymouth to get him fit

as well.

flem & doc is a disaster in my opinion - hope they prove me

wrong.  walcott V flem (hare V tortoise?)  if shacks and docs

were paired together we probably wouldn''t have been relegated last year


wright looks right for city.

hughes - can do a job in absence of a recognised right winger - rather

have cooper back, doing well for cardiff - why didn''t worthy sign him

if the plan was to get relegated from the prem then bounce back up?

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id only sign Wright..

robinson is utter S****!.

Still not sure about Etuhu, maybe needs more games.

Hughes looks like Judge Julez/.. and plays like him too! im not convinced at all about him.. Reading certainly dont miss him it seems

jas :)

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even if Robinson was free i might not buy him. He is rubbish. Cant pass more than a metre or two, cant tackle and cannot make any challanges in hte air or on the ground. Definately do not buy

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