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Fat Barman

Ashton/Man City shocker!

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Just thought the view from a Man City fans site might be of interest.


They don''t seem as convinced that he''s on his way, maybe we should have some more faith in the guy?

On the topic of alternative views of players, how about Plymouths feelings about Jarrett?


You should scroll down to the bottom of the story for a fan''s view -

maybe he just needed some more games and could prove a useful addition

to our midfield after all? How about showing the fella some love if he

comes back - sounds like what we need in midfield!

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Nice one barman,

although the man city stuff is just repeating deano''s public statements, we don''t know what his private thoughts are.

The Jarrett article just shows what can be achieved, although he sounds

keen - doing extra training etc. we should have him back when safs goes

to anc in jan. and then send dicko to plymouth to get him fit as well.

It was worth scrolling down to the end of the article, the comments by the ''fans'' were well funny.

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Good spot Barman.


I think the Ashton piece really only repors what we have been told this week rather than playing down their chances of getting him though.  However the JJ piece is interesting as it shows that with the right management JJ can be an effective playerinthis league, and against one of the best sides in the league while playing for one of the worst.  But it also shatters the worthington driven myth that we are a fit side (our strength & fitness in the last 15 minutes shone through) if Pulis had to get JJ up to scratch by arranging extra training.

If Pulis can get players to do extra where is our teams effort?  And why arent we fit enough?




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