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Canary Jedi

An evening with Chas n Dave

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Wow, I know some footy fans are a bit rough around the edges, but a surprisingly cras evening at the Ale House pub in Colchester watching the match.

Full of Spurs fans, completely blinkered and biased - quite hilarious 😂 I’ll leave out the numerous C and F words...

“Never a hand ball, the ref’s a scouser”

”Definite red card” (after spurs players goes down following a slight touch on his face)

”Definite red card and penalty” after Danny Rose blatantly cheats and dives (another topic - it’s on video why can’t he be banned like that Leeds scumbag?)

“Tripper is a (insert random swear words) and needs to come off” (from about 1 minute until remainder of the match)

”The refs ruined the match”

And my favourite - “the ref’s name is Emlyn”

Suffice to say the evening didn’t end with a good old Knees up Mother Brown!

On another note, I read with some amusement about Spurs fans who were delayed from Stansted from 10am flight to eventually land 45mins before kick off  they missed the first goal, and some also had their flight cancelled on the way home. Shouldn’t laugh I know...


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Remember that you can always tell a Londoner........................but not a lot. 😜

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