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Branston Pickle

Cricket World Cup

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It will go down in history, the tension was almost unbearable!

My wife and daughter were covering their faces with cushions, what an awesome day of cricket topped with the magic of a win.

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4 hours ago, Fiery Zac said:

Don’t understand the comments that we almost don’t deserve it. We’ve been the best one day side for 4 years, the best in the tournament and rightly won the final. We were rightly classed as favourites and this time, the end result was correct. Yes I’m biased but we’ve consistently been the best, most entertaining, most effective one day side. Worthy World Cup winners in every way.

Do you recall a scene in the Kung Fu Movie "Enter the Dragon" where the NZ Martial Arts champion picks a fight with Bruce Lee on the sanpan/junk en route to Hans Island ?  The New Zealander asks Bruce Lee what his fighting style was, which Lee replies “The art of fighting without fighting.”  Yesterday we have experienced the  "The art of winning without winning.”

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New Zealand runners up in 2015 and 2019.

During the course of the tournament they have excelled in all areas of the game, batting, fielding and I have been very impressed with their bowling combination.

Kane Williamson is an exceptional captain and that team were a whisker from a win with a lot of the rub of the green going England's way.

But isn't it about time, it felt gutsy and at times extraordinary. A fitting final for a competition that really must have had more terrestrial coverage. We were world number 1 and favourites for the tournament and I think I saw highlights of some games about midnight.

The final did quite rightly grab the attention of the public but the tournament was not in the public eye. In some circumstances with good reasoning, the Women's Football World Cup. But this was in and, more importantly, across England and Wales.

The sub continent fans were colourful, loud, a credit to the game and carried attention early in the tournament.

With a weekend of world wide, key sporting events this game could have got lost, but that tension and outcome topped it all.

Yes the BBC have the new 100 series next year, but we can build on cricket with sport moving to either terrestrial TV or other viewing platforms. I see the 6 nations is not all going to be on terrestrial TV. It would be great if the reverse came true and more sport went back to the majority to inspire.

I remember working in Fitness Exchange at Riverside during the 2005 ashes victory. People left all the weight stations, treadmills and gathered at TVs to watch England capture the Ashes.

That is a summer I will never forget as the fandom was of excitement across all genders, ages and even with this non cricket fans.

Never seen anything like that and it should be that way.

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5 Live Sports Extra are replaying the commentary from the last few overs and the super over from 9am, repeating on the hour this morning. Really worth a listen to the peerless Jonathan Agnew if you missed the TMS commentary yesterday - I still can't believe it really happened!

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According to SSN, the strict rules of cricket would have meant that we should have only received 5 runs not 6 for the Stokes dive and subsequent boundary.

Evidently, according to the rules, as the batsmen hadn't crossed when the ball was released, that run shouldn't count, only the "overthrows".

I thought after the Liverpool v Arsenal title decider in 89 we wouldn't see such drama. Then we had the Aguero goal in stoppage time against QPR and now this.

Even though it is a money spinner for County Cricket here, the ICC needs to look at Test cricket. Apart from India, Australia and us, there are no great attendances. Maybe they have to look at 1st innings limited to 100 overs or something. The excitement that this WC has created, including people who have no interest in cricket just makes me wonder.

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