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We should be looking at the best young players that can battle into our first team that we can find. David Brooks type signings. If the worst does happen, hopefully it does at least mean we are left with sellable assets, not white elephants like Naismith. If Naismith had been 22 then we might have been able to drum up some interest and a decent fee for him.

The problem is that those type signings, the likes of Che Adams and Kalvin Phillip's are easily going to cost over £10m and are therefore out of our bracket. Smart buys like Rakeem Harper would be excellent business though with very little risk on big wages or a big fee. It would be a big step up for him but a decent gamble.

What we do need to find is some semblance of proven quality though, this looks like we will have to look overseas at some more smart buys like that fourtunis fella at olympiacos who has proven he can cut it in big games and wouldn't maybe be out of our price range. 2 or 3 of them along with 2 or 3 Harper type buys and I'll be happy.

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