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Having grown up with a season ticket at Carrow Road and being an exile in Italy for the last four years with a season ticket at Lecce in the Serie B, I've been living the drama and excitement of a promotion race two-fold this season. 

Norwich did the business what seems like an eternity ago but for Lecce, a club with an awful lot of similarities to Norwich, it all came to a head today. 30,000 rather lively fans dreaming of a return to Serie A after seven years, most of which were spent in the third tier.

In an incredible atmosphere that I've only seen bettered by our Playoff final at Wembley, they did the business with a 2-1 win. Italian football fans (and Italians in general, especially the southerners) are known for being a bit 'chaotic' so you could only imagine what the city centre was like tonight- tons of flares, fireworks, airhorns and flags. The sort of thing that you would never see in the UK.

I'd love to post the videos I took as words don't really it justice, but the file sizes are too big. Instead I'll just have to make do with this picture.

And I tell you what: I can't wait for Norwich-Lecce in the 2020/21 Europa League.


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