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Drazen Muzinic

Fiery Zac Inspired Me to Have a Go at This Poll Lark

Fiery Zac Inspired Me to Have a Go at This Poll Lark  

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  1. 1. What's the Most Embarrassing Thing About the Binners?

    • The stars on the shirts
    • The state of the stadium (sic)
    • They can't see through the money-laundering ticket tout
    • The agricultural 'style' of football
    • Insisting Lambert is the man to lead them straight back up
    • They dream in monochrome
    • All of the above

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The stars on shirts is so cringey it needs its own thread, any club that has stars that isnt Real, Inter et al really need to take a reality check. It was probably well over 40 years ago that it was relevant but to wheel out new seasons replica shirts with crappy stars is fkng embarrassing.

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