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Flick Fleck

The Worthy-ometer

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OK, OK, I have been a KTF-er all the way, but my faith is tested to the core.  I haven''t had the stomach to post on here for a couple of weeks and have just been lurking about from time to time.  I still have just about enough faith left to give the man one last throw of the dice.  We''ve got 6 games till West Ham in the FA Cup:


Crewe (away)

Southampton (home)

Sheff Utd (away)

Burnley (home)

Leicester (away)

Preston (home)


6 games, one last (generous) throw.  Can Worthy roll a double 6 or is he going to get snake eyes?


Looking at the games ahead, I reckon that 9 points would probably keep him his job into the new year.  But it wouldn''t keep us happy.  We''d be needing at least 12 points to keep us from frothing at the mouth.


If it goes down the pan any more from here, then the Preston game is the perfect time for a change.  The next game would be the FA Cup 3rd round, with another week till our next league game.  Christmas would be over, and Delia''s turkey well and truly stuffed.  Now is not the time for a change.  If it''s going to happen then it has to be after the busy period is over - both in terms of the team, the games and the turmoil of hiring and firing at such a busy time.


The Worthy-ometer is well and truly swung to the [N] at the moment.  Can he swing it around to the [Y] ??


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