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The Great Mass Debater

Webber Comments

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“I always believe in telling the truth and trying to be as transparent as possible. We didn't lie. On day one I said this club was in a mess and would take some sorting out.

“During last year there was a lot of pain, but we said that pain was going to come and when Daniel was getting a lot of stick, it was a case of give the guy a break – he had inherited a ridiculous wage bill, a ridiculously aged squad, a horrendous culture.

“I said when we appointed him we've got the best coach in the league and nothing has ever changed my mind on that. Even last season, the work he did every single day was incredible and we're extremely fortunate to have him.


Just wondering what people thought of these comments, particularly 'a horrendous culture'. Anyone able to elaborate on what he is referring to there?


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