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For the first time in years there has been stability at the club, BUT, something must be going on behind the scenes at the club as the players ( who earn more in a week than most in a year) just dont seem to want to play for Worthy

I have followed the team for a number of years and have been a season ticket holder for years also (in the lower barclay) and it seems as though we are back to the era of Hamilton, which I hate saying,so it must be best for the club, team  and supporters for NW to part company.

Whilst he has taken this club to what we have seen the last two seasons the players we have ARE premiership quality BUt are playing as though we are in League1 which everyone pays hard earned cash to watch and support.

So come on players , either play with the passion the supporters want and show us that you want to play for NW or ,come on Delia and the board , be brave and bring in a new face so the players can start to play the way they should/ the way they did, or there will be a mass exodus in the transfer window.

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