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“It’s lovely to see how Norwich are playing this season, they’re producing wonderful approach football and scoring some great goals. I love the combination of skill, work rate, and team spirit. But bloody hell they’ve missed some chances in recent games. They create so many… should be 6-1 up in this game. But as you say, it’s great fun, and it’s uplifting to see football played this way.”

Yes, that sums it up: it’s feelgood football. Not just the way they play, but also the atmosphere around the club. There’s no entitlement or expectation, just humble goodwill. That probably sounds patronising but it’s not meant to be. They evoke a more innocent, decent time".


“I also support a team aiming for promotion from the Championship this season, and I share his ambivalence regarding joining a division that could generously be described as venal. But the Premier League does have room for goodies alongside the baddies, and if Norwich can position themselves as playing feelgood football with humble goodwill, as you rightly say they have done this season, they could become the sort of team that Southampton and Swansea have been in years just past. Those of us who are tired of owners from brutal authoritarian regimes and hedge-funds are crying out for a club just like Norwich to do well in the Premier League and charm the socks off everyone. So I don’t think Phil should be too despondent yet - they could be the antidote to the shameless and charmless moral bankruptcy of our top flight.”


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