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Can''t take the credit for this, as I nicked it off another site, but it is a classic


As it''s that time of the year (oh yes it is) there''s a pantomime on at Carrow Road this year. Runs from August through to May. Not one for the kids though as not very funny. Same old pantomime jokes being used such as ''Look out, he''s behind you''. Producer was dressed up in white socks and he also appeared on stage as the comedian. Several actors fluffed their lines and several others performed roles they''re not suited to. One was so bad he was replaced two minutes before the end of the show but it was too late to make any difference. Main excuse for a poor show was that several of the performers fell off the stage in rehearsals and injured themselves. They were replaced by performers who weren''t good enough to get a place in other shows. There were a few kids in the first half of the show but they didn''t appear in the second half and are now mostly appearing in other pantomimes where they are doing very well having been given proper tuition and encouragement by other stage producers. Not much variety in the show. Seemed to rely on one theme - keep throwing the beans to Jack and hopefully he''ll do something with one of them in the end. Poor co-ordination amongst the cast as well. None of them seemed sure what each other was supposed to be doing. Afterwards they all said they were totally behind the producer and it was their fault they got it wrong. However, my mate went to the next show and said it was no better. Bookings for later on in the season are now down as word gets around that it''s a poor show. The owners of the the theatre don''t seem capable of making any changes to improve things although everyone knows a change of producer would improve the show. Perhaps they''ll wake up when next year''s show is on the end of the pier and no-one turns up. Ah well never mind. Think I''ll go to the football next weekend.

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