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“ the only team that will definitely beats us next year is Sunderland, unless they get promotion “ 

In other words if Sunderland go up, the binners will go all season unbeaten !

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By definitely I think the poor binner accepts that others might.

However it should be extraordinary that these dimwits still don't fully grasp how deep in the s it they are.

There total income will drop from £17m to below £10m. They are rock bottom in the table, below even 'bankrupt' Bolton.

This is after supposedly having the transfer income of a number of sales last summer - and having a manager who has succeeded at this level previously.

Eleven of their current squad are out of contract in June with five more who are loanees. It is no coincidence that so many are out of contract. The paupers are potless and do not have the money to offer new contracts.

Evans has already made it known that they will be reliant upon their untried youth players backed by a few aged retainers. Hardly a recipe for success.

L1pswich.... in terminal decline.

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Then there’s this little beauty

would say that it'll likely be:  

Sunderland / Portsmouth (assuming the other goes up in playoffs)  
In terms of that list of clubs we will be the biggest of the lot in terms of history.

For a tribe so ludicrously attached to pursuing the holy grail of HISTORY (to the exclusion of recent or future diccess) they’re fantastically ignorant of... history.

A very quick look at publicly available records reveals their increasingly sad little club are not first, second nor even bronze medallers on that list for MAKING HISTORY.


by their own anaemic measure, ie silverware...the order is

Sunderland, Portsmouth, Bolton, Mucus Town

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