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Latest betting - Annual awards - Bit of fun

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It’s that time of the year when awards good and bad are presented. The latest odds from our forum are :

Scapegoat of the year

Stiepermann 10/11 - seems to be getting some late support despite scoring some vital goals and creating many chances

McClean 6/4 - was a certainty 3 weeks ago when we had won 8 on the trot with him in the team but now we are only drawing he seems fine

Krull 5/1 - Could make 1 last mistake so all his fantastic work over the last few weeks is forgotten

 The Fans 16/1 - After turning up at Wigan then failing to be heard could be outsung by 43000 Villa supporters at Villa Park

Max Aaron’s 100/1 - Saw a post yesterday confirming he couldn’t defend

Poster of the year 

Ricardo 1/10 - For his excellent unbiased match reports given to all after every home game

LDC 2/1 - Fair play, stuck to his guns after getting some huge hammerings from other posters. 

3/1 anyone else

Worst refereeing performance against us of the year

Etherington 1/10 - Tried his best god bless him but already had previous

Hooper 1/1 - As he is Hooper

The guy against QPR 2/1 - Really struggled

Any other ref 5/2 - worst group i have ever seen

First poster to return ranting about how we will be relegated next year

Could be one of anyone so suggestions will be good but I reckon Iron Stan won’t be far away



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R yes forgot the agent of the year award

Paul Lambert 1/10000 - Couldn’t blow his cover whilst at FCR so made it look like he wanted to fight. The knowing wink from Farke confirmed his cover was not about to be blown.

Bamford 6/1 - Sent to Leeds and couldn’t hit a barn door. Again his confrontation with Godfrey was just cover

Canos 10/1 - Must have enjoyed his moment yesterday with all his Norwich mates

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