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Making Plans

New Manager - who would want to come here ?

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I''ve seen this question asked in a number of threads so I thought I''d point out a few facts.

For me, the reasons why we should be able to attract some of the best Managers around are obvious and if I was trying to "sell" this job, this is what I''d be pointing out to potential candidates -

  1. The opportunity to manage one of the few Championship Clubs with real and genuine propspects.
  2. The opportunity to manage one of the few Championship Clubs that attracts 25,000+ crowds every week, despite current milaise.
  3. The opportunity to manage "the next best thing" to a Premiership Club given that managerial opportunities in that league are few and far between and any vacancies that do arise are almost exclusive to an elite clique of Foreign coaches.
  4. The opportunity to manage one of the best squads of players in the Championship.
  5. The opportunity to work with and develop some of the best players in the Championship.
  6. The opportunity to unravel a real horlicks and make a real difference quickly. 
  7. The opportunity to sort out the wheat from the charf and build a team that will be capable of winning promotion next season.
  8. The opportunity to educate and nurture a team that can hold it''s own in the Premiership.
  9. The opportunity to manage a Club where, relatively speaking, you are left to get on and do things your way and with minimal interferance from the Board.
  10. The opportunity to get some real brownie points on your CV.
  11. The opportunity to manage a Club in a really nice part of the World.
  12. The opportunity to become a hero with the Supporters.

Quite honestly, there are not many Clubs around that can offer all this - they''ll be queing up at the door.

However, one thing is for sure - it''ll be easier to do this now than it will if we get relegated into League One at the end of the season.


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