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How About this in the transfer window

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NCFC team 1 February could read

 (Choice 1)     Ward

Wright   Doherty   Davenport   Drury

hughes   Etuhu   Safri   Commons

   Mckenzie  / Hucks /Trundle (pick 2)

if we bought- Etuhu (500k?), Wright (200k?), Davenport (1m?), Commonsw (750k?), trundle (750k)   This would cost just over 3 milion quid.

We could sell Ashton (6m) and maybe green (2m).I would be sad to see them go but could it be right for the club if we made the right signings. Out team on Feb 1 could read. This would have Colin, an inconsistent fleming, Doherty who is lost without davenport, a critisized winger, hughes in CM and no goals.

(choice 2)Green

Colin   Fleming   Doherty   Drury

Hendo   Hughes   Safri   Hucks

         Ashton    Mckenzie   (no form and fitness respectively) 

Your thoughts, which team would you take considering in choice 2 you would still have an extra 5 million in the bank

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Sadly I don''t think it is about buying or loaning anyone anymore, Worthy has tried everything and can''t find the answer.  Time for the powers that be to step in.  The only solution.

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