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Kevin Piper in the EDP

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anyone read it yet???

hes right with what he says.. but one particular paragraph has drawn my attention more than any other... Bear in mind Kevin is a journalist, and has 1 foot in the Norwich camp wuite a lot... he knows people within the club and those who work closely with the club....

what he says is this (taken from the link on pinkun.com)... : -

Informed sources suggest it could be pretty frenetic at Carrow Road once the transfer window opens. City fans are almost certain to be saying goodbye to some of the club''s star players. Who would begrudge Dean Ashton or Robert Green a return to the Premiership if the right offer comes in? By all accounts one or two other high profile names could be on their way, too.

so basically, Kevin is using a bit of insider knowledge and expert journalism to warn the fans of the future...

 I think he has done very well here.. he is obviously privy to such information and is using clever words to share it.

So it looks like Greeno and Ashton are off then, im guessing Hucks and Saffers will follow.. im not sure who the other "high profile" player is though...

suffice to say the club is now dying. we wont be premiership for years, its 1995 all over again it seems. and now we just have to sit back and watch whilst we self destruct :(

jas :)

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