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Worthy to stay for a while yet?

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If the board are going to allow the big names to leave then they are obviously embarking on a re-building session that will be headed by Nigel. If a new manager was to come in, then surely it would be his decision on who left. I cant see a new manager coming in after the main names have gone and we have replaced them with more cloggers etc. For me, it is an indication that certain players who Nigel feels have let him down may not be getting a game soon. If this is the case don''t expect him to go any time soon.

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I think you are right, Rossi. I would only add that since recently we

have signed some pretty poor players, and the squad is in any case too

small, the only way to save the board is to save the manager by giving

him more money.

This seems to be the line of least resistance, or in their eyes the

least risky. It suggests that Worthy is here for the medium term in

their eyes. It fills me with some despair. His team building for the

premiership was not very good, neither was it before promotion, or

since.How many of the nearly fifty players he acquired at nearly £10

million were rated successful and how many disastrous? Theonly

successful ones may be those on their way out.

What shall we be left with? When other clubs know we have a transfer

pot from sales prices are likely to rise, and given his preference for

hard working players rathern than skill, it all sounds very depressing.

New managers might be prepared to come now, but the number who will

want to come in a year or so when we have a de-skilled team and no

assets to sell could be many fewer.

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Totally agree Salopian, but are we moving to more of an issue where we are blaming the board for too much prudence and not enough ambition ?

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