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mat gore

Can it be turned round ?

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A question for all the remaining pro-worthy supporters, if indeed there are any.  Can things ever be successful with him at the helm given whats happened ?

I will fully declare that I am now firmly in the Worthy out camp.  I supported him totally through last season even the mistakes he was making were gross and obvious and right up until after about 10 games of this season but enough is enough. 

I''ve wanted him to turn it round as I think he''s a decent man and I don''t want to see our club return to the dark days of demonstrations against the board.  I just havent been able to see it happenning and can''t see how it ever can now even if we start winning.

My view is that we are heading for relegation now unless theres a change.  Even with a huge turnaround the play-offs are now out of reach this year.  Championship form will not even be enough for 6th place.  Our best players will be sold and our hope is gone.  We had the chance to establish ourselves as a premiership club again, mistakes were made last year and we narowly missed staying up but we had a chance to go back and stay back.  Even if we''d missed promotion but made the play offs we''d have kept our players for a real challenge next year.

Now all our best players want out and no player in their right mind would come to Norwich.

Even if Nigel turns things round and we end up finishing say 12th (substantially better than I think he can manage) how many fans will forgive him ? Will the club ever have that togetherness again until he''s gone ?

I think if we can stay up, next season we would have an outside bet at the play offs and no more.  Hell, even if by some miracle he takes us up as champions next season a substantial section of the support now would STILL want him out as with all our better players gone we wouldn''t have a hope of staying up.

Its gone too far and Im now so depressed with the state of this club its not true.  I ve never felt so let down by Norwich in 30 years, even the end of the Chase era was better than this.

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A week''s a long time in football, so if (and obviously a big ask)

Worthy turned it round I''m sure most would forget this season''s start

soon enough. I don''t really think he will turn it round though and it''s

probably time to cut his and our losses.

What makes you think "all our best players want out" though? What evidence do you have for that?

I''m amazed you think this situation is worse than the hideous end of

Chase''s reign. We were about to go out of business, were rubbish, had

paltry crowds and had already sold most of our best players so a turn

around was even more unlikely. I think it''s way over the top these

death of NCFC type comments. We won''t be relegated, we have parachute

payments and still a good number of quality players.

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