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6.7 mil a fantastic price!

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Lads I know we like to support a player when he plays for us but fact is:

When the chips are down ashton wont bail you out!

When the pressure is on Ashton misses chances!

Can we afford a player like this?

Fact we far too much support our players that we like!

We have been more than 2-0 down by half time away on many occasions this season and yet still we name players like Doherty and Davenport Man of the Match. How can the defence have played well when you are 4-0 down at half time?

We all moaned about Doherty last year but this year he can do nothing wrong? I beg to differ the man is slow and poor!

At this moment in time we are in trouble? Well at this time of  need you need your well payed supposedly good players to perform! So can you honestly tell me that a team in dire need of a goal and confidence has not provided Ashton with chances? They have many times but he has wasted them! There are loads of articles on here claiming that we have ruined a good striker (Rubbish) He has had chances and you all know it? We will still look up to him as some sort of superstar, well when the chips are down and you need your top players to bail you out he is''nt. You can write all your rubbish on here about ruining him but fact, he cant hit a barn door from 10 yards at the moment!

I am firmly in the Worthy out camp and believe that we can turn this around, however fact is Doherty is poor and Ashton is as bad at present! If we can get 6.7 Mil then I say go for it. Just dont let worthy spend it! Get jarvis and shackell in!


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Dean Ashton almost kept City in the Premier League single handedly ,  best  player we have had at this club for years , will be gone in January as no player with class deserves to be rotting in Nigels hoof ball team .When he has gone and we have some lower league pap like Eastwood you may well look back and think if only we had sacked the manager instead of selling what class we did have.

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What a load of absolute Bull - Dean Ashton is a class player in a

totally **** team!!!  How you can blame him is beyond me. Against

derby we created about 2 chances all match!!!! He has had no settled

strike partner this year and last year almost kept us up single


DO you remember being 10 POINTs clear at the bottom!!!!!

Just because Nigel Worthton cant work get the team to play to Dean

Ashton''s strengths - like Dario Gradi managed (20 goals in 23 games) in

a team that apart from him was relegation material.


SHACKELL!!!  the last 3 away games last year with Shackell at

the heart of the defense  3-3    3-4  

0-6  yeah great defending against a team witrh nothing to play for

and 2 relegation sides

JARVIS!!  worthington didnt even bring him on when we were 2

nil down at derby.  what on earth makes you think Worthy will

ever give him a game??

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To put the blame on shacks for those 13 goals totlly ignores the top performances shacks put in in those games.  No he was not perfect but like Doc and Charlie before him Shax was the clear star of the central defender partnership and did play well in those games.

Jarvis - who knows how good he is - superb goal against ''pool - little seen since. Why worthy wont give him the same chances hendo has had is anyones guess - injuries have not helped him this season though.

Agree on Ashton - unil we learn to play to his strengths we will continue to struggle.


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If the Board''s choice is

1. keep Worthy, or

2. keep Ashton (and Green, Safri etc), but

3. not both (because it is either/or now - even Worthy acknowledged that in his latest ramblings)

isn''t it A COMPLETE NO-BRAINER what you must do Delia/Michael/Roger/Neil??? 

                                     ??? WHY CAN''T YOU SEE IT ???

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I am totally for Worthy out as I said, But saying that the rest of the team is to blame for Ashton missing chances is not true. He is''nt getting as many chances as he should I agree but hes not taking the ones he is getting. All I am saying is that 6.7 Mil is a lot of money for him. I would not want to sell him but would if it would give money to a new manager not Worthy.

Shackell and Davenport should have been given a chance together as they are both young and fast, As for Jarvis well we dont know how good he is do we? His strike rate in the first team is''nt bad of which most of his appearances have been as a sub.

My point on Ashton is that in a game at the moment when you maybe only get 1 or 2 chances to win it, he is not taking them. I feel that he is a good player but out of form.

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are u rick waghorn in disguise ian? I bet you''d have flem back alongside charlie.

I''d agree Deano''s confidence is very low and he''s missed chances he

should have put away.  I''d also agree £6.7m is a great sum, but

that was from a position of strength when we were title favourites and

deano wanted to stay and his reputation and form was

intact.   now we''ve slumped if deano does a francis type sulk

you''ll be lucky to get 3-4m for him in his current form - that''s life,

the vultures are circling ''cos they think they can get a bargain.

Shacks played well enough end of last year, but paired alongside doc i think we''d have tightened up enough to stay up.

docs and dav have been best pairing so far for city, less danger from

flanks now, but the midfield has been problem for city, not giving

enough protection to  the central defenders. Docs is quick enough

for the this league and until last sat has been very consistent.

I agree with your worthy statement.

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