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lucky green trainers

worthy should have gone after wolves.

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The wolves match made it clear to everybody that city were in trouble

and not performing - the city board could have made a decision for

worthy to go then, especially because there was a 2 week break for

internationals, enough time to source a replacement. Since then worthy

has been given further funds to bring in 3 players on loan - but the

poor form and perfomances has continued only 4 points from 16.

If a new manager could have boosted the players to gain 8-10 points,

we''d be mid-table, poised to make a push for the playoffs and having a

realistic chance of keeping our star players.

Instead, we''re hovering above the relegation zone, and its likely we''ll

be selling our big names in january unless worthy can get the squad

playing and winning.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing - but the board have had another

opportunity to replace worthy after the derby match, but they''ve

gambled and are sticking by him.  If the board lose their gamble

and we only gain 4 or less points from the next 16 we''ll likely be in

the relegation zone, and then our bargaining position re selling and

buying will be even futher weakened just as the january transfer window


If they win their gamble, we could we nearing half-way.

Whats the odds on both outcomes?

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